The Top Toe Nail Fungus Treatments Available Today

The Top Toe Nail Fungus Treatments Available Today

by Rashel Dan


Toe nail fungus treatments and products are sold in almost every pharmacy or beauty store today. Most of these products or treatments range from do-it-yourself home remedies, to prescription drugs as well as natural remedies for it. Most of these remedies may have mixed results with different people, some have even very dangerous side effects that may result in death. But the general rule is that prevention is the best toe nail fungus treatment. One must avoid in risk situations such as walking barefoot in public showers, baths, wearing tight-fitting shoes, or sharing nail clippers or files with a person infected. If one has already been infected, immediate treatment is necessary so that it won\'t lead to more serious complications.

Here are some of the top toe nail fungus treatments available today:

1. All-natural Products - An all-natural treatment such as Zetaclear has been proven as an effective toe nail fungus treatment. It contains an effective formulation of natural oils which have been effective in treating toenail fungus. These include jojoba oil, lavender oil, tea tree oil, which have anti-fungal properties. They don\'t have any adverse side effects, unlike other medications. They also have a 30 day guarantee that stipulates you can return your purchase if it doesn\'t work.

2. Doctor\'s Prescriptions - The doctor may give you prescription medicines as treatment for the toe nail fungus. The 3 approved toe nail fungus treatments by the US FDA are terbinafine, itraconazole and griseofulvin. But patients are warned of prolonged use of these medicines since it can lead to heart and liver damage, or even death.

3. Epsom Salt - The use of Epsom salts is also another good way of treating toe nail fungus infections. One simply soaks in a footbath with Epsom salt solution every day. Some patients have said that it reduces the swelling of the toe and can make walking with them much more comfortable. This may take a lot of time and patience since it has to be done everyday. Most of the time it may take several months for the fungus to be completely eliminated.

4. Household Vinegar - Others have recommended soaking in vinegar as another toe nail fungus treatment. Others have added oil of oregano as an alternate treatment. This has to be done regularly though, just like the use of Epsom salts. Just like Epsom salts, some improvement may come in a couple of weeks but it will take a lot months before it can be healed. Others have reported mixed results with this kind of treatment.

5. Vapor Rub - Another alternative treatment is the use of vicks vapor rub. A lot of people have recommended it, but still it doesn\'t recommend 100% effectivity.

These are some of the top toe nail fungus treatments based on the experience of patients who have tried these treatments. So it is best that one consults expert medical advice over do-it-yourself approaches. Some treatments may work on some patients, most will not, so it is good that one seeks immediate treatment so that it will not go to the worst case scenario, such as surgery.

The most effective toe nail fungus treatments may be found in your home. Check out the most effective home remedy for nail fungus.


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