Ticks Lyme and Chronic Pain

Ticks Lyme and Chronic Pain

by Lydia Peru

Chronic diseases are rampant these days, with little acknowledgment to their debilitating effects. Chronic fatigue affects many, and pain is more commonplace. Then there is the sign of depression- is it the cause of our troubles, or just another symptom of something more deeply rooted?


Its not always the easiest task to properly diagnose a chronic condition. Many are diagnosed based on the collection of symptoms, like fibromyalgia, and through a process of elimination.

It seems logical that when properly diagnosed that an appropriate course of treatment will be given. In this perfect world scenario we also would find these disabling conditions magically cured. Welcome to the real world.

We don\'t always know the cause of our health issues. Many immune disorders present with similar symptoms. MS, for example, can be diagnosed by ruling out other conditions and seeing the progression of the disease. The cause of MS is still unknown. Treatment is still in the management and not the cure of this autoimmune condition.

Rheumatoid arthritis is another of the autoimmune conditions that falls in the classification of chronic disease. Additional autoimmune conditions include chronic fatigue, lupus, and fibromyalgia. All are diagnosed through a process of elimination rather than definitive proof.

Lyme disease is another of those multi-symptom diseases that shares symptoms with other autoimmune disorders. Lyme is known to be caused by Borrelia bacteria, which is commonly transmitted by ticks, and may be more common than we think.

Diagnosing disease and its actual cause is a difficult job. Many are given the typical and over-prescribed course of antibiotics, but this treatment does not appear to be effective enough to reliably eradicate these debilitating diseases. Many turn to less conventional treatments in hopes of finding a cure.

Learn more about lyme disease, and the work in both traditional and alternative treatment to find a cure for this chronic condition. Can MMS, or Miracle Mineral Solution help us cure the underlying cause of Lyme disease?


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