How to Get Rid of Intestinal Worms

by Ben Branklin

Worm infestation is a serious worldwide health problem, but it is found much more frequently outside of the United States. The worms that infect humans are usually of three types: roundworms, tapeworms, and flukes.


In the United States, roundworms or tapeworms are the most frequent, and these range from less than and inch to up to 15 or 20 feet.

The most common worms in the roundworm family are: pinworms, roundworms, hookworms, and whipworms. Pinworms are found mostly in children. At night the female pinworms pass to the anal region and lay their eggs.

This causes sever itching, and the eggs can be transmitted to the mouth when the hands become contaminated, either by scratching around the anal area or by coming in contact with the pinworm eggs on contaminated bed clothes.

More than one member of the family may be contaminated. It is important that during treatment, all underclothes and bed clothes be changed and sterilized daily whipworm and roundworm infection can be prevented by proper disposal of human waste.

Hookworm disease is contracted by walking barefoot on contaminated soil. Prevention of this disease depends on proper sanitary disposal of human feces and wearing shoes.

Tapeworm infestation is acquired by the ingestion of eggs or larvae in uncooked meat. To prevent infection with tapeworm it is necessary that all beef, pork, and fish be thoroughly cooked before eating.


Many persons infected with worms have few if any symptoms. With a heavy infection of the worms, anemia or weakness may develop.

Trichinosis, which is acquired by eating improperly cooked pork, frequently causes muscle pains; the worms may also lodge in the heart, brain, or eyes.

Abdominal pain and diarrhea may be present. Children are frequently restless during the night with gritting of the teeth, a dry cough, and a slight fever. Occasionally worms may cause convulsions.

The Natural Treatment

The cause must be corrected, and this usually means the correction of unhygienic living conditions and the proper cooking of all meat and dish.

It is easy to remove the worms from the body, but this does not necessarily cure the disease. Do not eat food robbed of its life-giving properties such as white flour products, cane sugar products, vegetables cooked in lots of water and the water thrown away, peeled potatoes, candy, cakes, ice cream, and meats of all kinds.

Do you have Constipation? if present, must be overcome by herbal laxatives.

Fast 2 or 3 days and eat raw pumpkin seeds generously. You can eat as much as one pound a day.

Fennel seed, slippery elm, white oak bark teas will drive them out.

Cut up an onion and soak it for 12 hours in a quart of water; then squeeze the juice out and take for 4 days. This juice will kill and expel worms. Take as much juice as possible, fasting while taking it.

Medicinal Herbs

- Chamomilla/Camomile: It expels worms.

Gives tone and strength to the stomach, stimulates digestion and improves the appetite.

- Dr. Hulda Clark's Wormwood: Expels worms.

It's good for those with poor digestion or a lack of appetite. Follow the directions on the label and don't take extra doses.

- Fennel Seed:

Worms do not like fennel as it is a sedative to them, and they will pass from the body if the bowels are kept loose (herbal laxative).

"Side Effects"

It is a tonic to the stomach and will strengthen it. To see the herbal formulas that are used for this, or for a database of Natural Medicine, or to request your own report on the treatment of your health issue check out by clicking here: Intestinal worms. It's All Free.

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