Human Parasites – Treating the Unthinkable

We would think with our knowledge in this society that we are eating right and maintaining our good health. But human carried parasites are more common that we think. The methods of infestation range from an unhealthy diet to unhealthy living conditions. Once inside the body these acid loving, oxygen-avoiding critters multiply, fed richly on whatever our blood and intestines have to offer.


In what way can parasites enter our bodies in the first place? One commonly discussed way we ingest parasites is through raw or undercooked meats, including fish. This does not mean we must avoid foods like sushi, but we can counter-balance and protect ourselves, just in case, by combining with our sushi those hot, spicy sauces, which naturally kill parasites.

Another easy access point into our digestive tract is through fresh fruits and vegetables that are not properly washed. One easy method to enhance your produce-cleaning process is to ready yourself with a diluted solution of food grade hydrogen peroxide. A good misting and a few minutes of working time will give the hydrogen peroxide a chance to kill any bacteria, fungus, or parasite that may have made it’s way onto your foods.

There are many natural methods for cleansing the body and protecting against parasites. Some are more effective than others. Foods that naturally aid in discouraging parasites are raw pumpkin seeds, turmeric, garlic, pineapple, and ginger, to name a few. These are not always the total solution, though, and you may want to augment those good health foods with a stronger “detox program” once in a while. Your detox program would be similar to your “spring cleaning”, and would serve as that more thorough cleansing program.

There are many commercial detoxifications and parasite cleanses on the commercial market -- which kills bacteria, worms and reduces heavy metals. One low cost cleanse that is getting more attention these days as an effective parasite cleansing program is

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No one wants to think of internal parasites, in either people or pets, but the simple fact is that we are exposed to parasites more often than we think. There are many ways to fight back, and take control of our health and wellness.


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