Taking Care of Our Canine Friends Ė Parasites in Dogs

Anyone whoís owned a puppy knows that it is common practice to give a parasite cleansing to our little canine companion. Parasites are easily transmitted through many pathways. Keeping our pets on a good routine of healthy food and occasional parasite cleanses will help to keep them in tip-top shape.


One common exposure to parasites is through fleas and ticks. Fleas are the most common transmitter of internal parasites in animals, and enter the digestive tract through biting the itchy area, and swallowing the flea. Ticks can also transmit parasites, besides being a parasite themselves!

Tapeworms are another health threat to our canine friends. Living in the animals digestive tract, you can detect the eggs as in the animalís feces, or perhaps around the anal area of the dog. They look like small, flat grains of white rice. Itís not uncommon for a dog as small as a toy fox terrier to contain a six foot long tapeworm.

There are other parasites that can infest your pets, and those parasites can in many cases be transmited to people as well. If you suspect your animal has any kind of parasite you can consult with your vet or dog care expert for recommendations and worming medicines. There are many natural treatments that can be given to your pet as a parasite cleanse or supplement to their diet. Taking care of our canine friends promotes health and wellness for the whole family.


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