Weight the Facts: Can Parasites Cause Over Eating?

Blame it on anything you want: emotions, junk food, compulsive behavior, marketing and television, even cultural food choices. Being overweight is a big problem for many in the United States, and this problem, no pun intended, is growing bigger every day. There may be other factors involved in your weight gain and obesity. Weigh the facts: can parasites be a cause for overeating?


Most of the attention is diverted toward diets, slimming pills and supplements, and exercise. Most of us donít think about nutrition. What are we feeding ourselves, and where are our nutrients going? How much of the weight you carry is actually bacteria, yeast, fungus, or even parasites?

Our typical western diet is heavy in sugars in form of both sweets and simple carbohydrates. Those sugars must be processed, and for the amount of sugars we consume we must have some method in place to digest or process those sugars. Our system cannot handle the overload, and so we "open the doors" to fungi, yeast, and bacteria to do the job for us. One commonly known form of "sugar processing" is known as Candida. Candida is an overrun of yeast in the body, and it is sugar hungry. Cancer is another state of ill-health that is ravenous for sugar. Once you have the overrun of these sugar-hungry freeloaders, they will consume our nutrients and sugars, leaving us craving more, and more.

So the question stands: When you get those cravings, who's really asking for all that sugar? There are many simple dietary changes you can bring into your daily diet to help you cleanse your body of those freeloaders. Kombucha Tea helps restore your PH to its proper level, forcing your candid and other acid loving friends out of business. MMS goes diligently through your digestive tract, attaching to and stealing the life out of those acid-friendly, oxygen-avoiding yeasts and bacterias.

Cleansing your digestive tract of your unwelcome guests will assure that the food you eat will nourish and restore your body. In addition, you will no longer need as many fat cells to isolate those harmful toxins released into the body by those acid-loving critters. Weigh the facts, and clear out those parasites that cause weight gain.

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