Parasite Miracle Pet Med For Felines

Parasite Miracle Pet Med For Felines


Author: Donna Barkley

Heartworm is a particularly dangerous parasite that is spread from host to host via mosquitoes, and Revolution for dogs is the most widely used flea and heartworm medicine.

Dog heartworms are a kind of filaris (a long thin worm), but the condition can affect cats, ferrets, coyotes, wolves, sea lions and even humans.

The worm was named after its habit in the last stage of its reproductive cycle of taking up residence in heart of its host.

If untreated, the animal will find exertion more difficult and may faint under physical strain or undergo extreme breathlessness.

Eventually the animal can die of heart failure or failure of the kidneys, lungs and liver as the parasites also damage these organs.

Heartworm is treatable, but it can take 18 months or longer.

Moreover, it is not pleasant on the animal, as in many cases killing the parasites involves the use of medicines containing arsenic compounds or other strong heart worm drugs. Treatment might even involve surgery.

The animal may be totally asymptomatic for the greatest part of the infection.

The dog heartworm has a lifespan of about 6 to 7 months, starting from the time when the animal is first infected via mosquito bite, all the way to the parasite invading the heart.

When mature, the females can reach 30cm in length while the males tend more toward 23cm.

Mating occurs after seven months, and the females will have started producing microfilariae.

Though heart worms used to only affect the warmer climates in southern parts of the world, they now affect any place that is habitable for mosquitoes.

Obviously, prevention of heartworms is far simpler and more effective than treatment after infection. Revolution flea, a monthly prophylactic medication, contains selamectin, a broad-spectrum anti-parasitic.

Revolution flea is popular for its ease of use, its relative inexpensiveness, and its effectiveness.

Other heartworm preventatives include milbemycin which can be found in Interceptor heartworm treatment and moxidectin which is the effective ingredient in ProHeart.

It is possible to treat for Heartworm and other parasites with the use of a topical application such as Revolution, which not only controls heartworms, but also a effective in flea and parasite control.

Heartworm prevention is so easy and effective, there is simply no reason to risk your pet\'s health. To get your dog checked out, see your vet.

First, diagnosis is commonly made by a blood test, then medications are given for the cure and prevention of the infection.

X-rays may be necessary for the vet to see the full extent of infection, should your animal test positive for heartworms. Remember, especially in the case of heartworm infections, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Heartworm pills or injections are a common route to take in curing an infection, however prevention is always much better than trying to cure heartworms. (This holds true with fleas, ticks, and other health conditions, as well.)

Bring up canine heartworm at your dog\'s next routine check up and get the information you need.

Revolution makes it easy and economical to be health savvy to be proactive as you focus on flea and heartworm prevention together.

For the current Revolution heartworm news and product reviews, check out our animal health pages. For pet owners, this is a super resource for Revolution pet and information about why you should be using it.


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