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Flatworm Travels to Space With One Head, Comes Back With Two

A flatworm that was cut in half and sent to space regenerated another head instead of a tail. It could help us explore how humans are affected as well.


Mysterious Mounds in South America Are Likely Worm Poop

After performing chemical analyses of the structures and studying the animals that called them home, the team determined that Andiorrhinus earthworms are the likely architects. 


Science creates flatworms with the heads and brains of other flatworms

A team of biologists at Tufts University have induced one species of flatworm to grow the head and brain of another species of flatworm, without tampering with the genomic sequence. Instead, they manipulated electrical synapses in the worm's body.


A brooding marine worm found in Antarctica

Brooding is a usual behavior in animals. However, to observe it in a marine worm is exceptional and, more surprisingly, it guards eggs from external threats.


Man has 6 inch worm removed from his brain

After arriving at the First People’s Hospital in Shuangliu, [China] doctors took three hours to remove the worm from [60 year-old Wang Mings's] cranial cavity. After it was extracted and put in a water container, the worm even kept on swimming


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