Natural Parasite Control in Herbs

Black walnut has been used for parasite control for many years. Holistic health practitioners such as Andrea Moritz and Hulda Clark recommend using black walnut seed extract in combination with other herbs to kill and control internal parasites.


Some of the other herbs that are used in parasite control are cloves, goldenseal, and goldenrod. Clove oil is one of the most powerful herbal extracts in existence, and must be used with great care. Side note: when you have a toothache you can put a whole clove in your mouth next to the aching tooth to kill the pain. Cloves are known to kill parasite eggs, and not all herbal remedies can make this same claim.

Some of the Asian herbs used in parasite control include Terminalia, bellirica, Neem and Tumeric. These herbs work on parasites in the intestinal tract. Ayurveda medicine, a popular science in India, uses Holy Basil, Ginger, and Black Pepper as well.

Of course prevention is the best medicine. Changing our diets from acidic and sugar-rich foods to alkaline balance will take away the parasite-friendly environment within your digestive tract.


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