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If you wear an animal body -- a warm blooded body, then it has parasites! There are many reasons to consider a parasite cleanse. It is estimated that parasites infect up to 80% of the world population, and that these infestations are not limited to developing nations with poor sanitation.


Just like taking the dog or cat to the vet -- Common lab tests screen for only forty of the hundreds of parasites that can live within the human body. In addition, most tests are performed on stool samples, but in reality only a few parasites inhabit the intestinal tract. Thus many people can test negative when in fact they do have parasites.

A parasite cleanse a detox cleanse is required if your body is overburdened with other toxins. For the most part, if your body is healthy, then your immune system can deal with the parasites. If your circulation is poor, or your organs and tissues are oxygen deprived, or your pH is out of balance, tissues begin to deteriorate.

This sets up an environment suitable for parasites to invade your body. They will naturally migrate to those areas of the body where your body is not functioning optimally. So they can be present in your blood, your joints, your organs, you name it! While parasites may not necessarily be the cause of a disease, they are extremely opportunistic and can make a disease worse.

What is a parasite? A parasite is an organism that derives its food, nutrition and shelter by living in or on another organism.

How would I possibly get bad parasites? Malaria, giardia, and roundworm can be spread from country to country due to increased immigration and travel. Popularity of raw or undercooked foods, in particular meats and fish, can spread parasites. Until recently, the US government had banned the import of Italian prosciutto because the traditional method used to cure the pork did not involve heat of any kind.

You know how certain beaches are closed to swimmers after heavy rains? This is because the bacterial and parasite levels are extremely high and create the risk of infection. If you live in high smog areas, you will be more susceptible to parasite invasion.

Probably the most common method of transmission is through pets. Even if you wash your hands after petting your dog or cat or handling your scaly or feathered friends, you can still get parasites by picking up their bedding or their food dish or when they come over and lick you. This is the reason why women are advised to stop emptying the cat litter box while they are pregnant.

So what is a toxin-conscious person to do? A routine parasite cleanse!

Possible Signs of Parasitic Infestation Since parasites will naturally inhabit the weaker areas of your body, symptoms can manifest in many different ways.

* Stomach pain, indigestion, ulcers, constipation or colitis may indicate parasites in the digestive tract

* Uncontrollable movements, such as Parkinsonís disease, may indicate parasites in the nervous system

* Joint or muscle pain, such as arthritis, can be a sign that the presence of a parasite is irritating the joint or tissue and thereby causing inflammation * Increased susceptibility to infections in lungs, sinuses, vagina, bladder or any mucous membrane may indicate the presence of a parasite

* Food and environmental allergies are often linked to parasites because as digested food is released into the intestines, it can seep through perforations caused by the parasites into the lymphatic system

* Dermatitis, itching, psoriasis, eczema, hives, swelling and rashes can indicate parasites in the skin

* Anemia, fatigue or drowsiness after meals may indicate that parasites are competing with the body for nutrients

How to do a Cleansing Sequence

I have seen conflicting information on when to undertake this cleanse Ė in conjunction with the colon cleanse or after the liver cleanse. However, the consensus is that if your body has a low level of toxicity (no chronic symptoms and regular bowel movements), then sequence is less important. If you are experiencing any chronic symptoms or have not been following a natural and organic food diet, then I would recommend that you do the colon cleanse and the parasite cleanse first, followed by the kidney cleanse and then the liver cleanse.

Natural / Herbal Parasite Cleanse Guide

You may have read about certain foods and herbs that kill certain parasites. Studies have shown that 4 glasses pomegranate juice daily will kill tapeworms. One-quarter cup of finely ground pumpkin seeds can eliminate many other varieties of worms. But, if you suspect that you have a parasite, but cannot rely on the common lab tests to tell you what you have, then what can you do?

As with other types of cleanses, there are two way to arrive at a solution. The do-it-yourself method requires that you find and purchase all of the ingredients and then administer them in the right dosages. This task can be time consuming and not necessarily inexpensive, despite the label "do-it-yourself".

Using the kit method, you can purchase a kit, consisting of a mixture of various anti-parasite supplements and herbal laxatives. While this may seem like it should cost more, take it from someone that has done a lot of cleanses, by the time you purchase all of the ingredients in their minimum quanities, you really do not save that much money using the do-it-yourself method. If you wish to, you can skip ahead to the kit method.

Do-It-Yourself Parasite Cleanse

All sources that I have read agree that the best parasite cleanse consists of a combination of herbs to eliminate adult parasites and their eggs. A common formula uses three particular herbs: black walnut hulls, wormwood and cloves. The walnut hulls and wormwood kill parasites in the adult and developmental stages, while the cloves kill the eggs. Thus by using the three herbs in combination, you kill the parasites at all stages of its life cycle.


1. Be careful with your source of black walnut hulls. The hulls must be harvested green, before they decay and turn black, in order to retain their medicinal properties. Look for black walnut hulls in a tincture solution in most health food stores.

2. There are a lot of different plants that are commonly called wormwood. The one with the maximum parasite-fighting capability is the one with the scientific name "Artemesia". It is extremely bitter and best taken in capsule form.

3. There are no particular precautions with cloves. However, if you are putting them in capsules yourself, freshly grind whole cloves yourself. Ground cloves found in the spice aisle of most grocery stores are often stale, which means they have lost their medicinal value.

Typical Side Effects

There are no typical side effects from these herbs at recommended dosages, though you may experience a healing crisis as your body eliminates the parasites and begins to heal itself. Drink plenty of water while on any parasite cleanse. Nevertheless, do not exceed recommended dosages in an effort to speed up the parasite cleanse! Always remember that too much of a good thing isnít necessarily better for you. Lastly, you do not need to stop other medications or herbal therapies.

Complete Parasite Cleanse

You will need:

This is the Hulda Clarke remedy

* Organic apple juice

* Tincture of black walnut hull

* Bottle of Wormwood capsules (200-300mg each)

* Bottle of Clove capsules (500 mg each)

* Bottle of L-ornithine capsules (500 mg each)

Begin the parasite cleanse around the full moon, which is when parasites are most active. Take the herbal combination 30 minutes before meals or on an empty stomach. Plan on taking 1-4 L-ornithine capsules at night if you have trouble sleeping during the cleanse.

Week 1: Add 30 drops of the black walnut hull to one cup of organic apple juice. Drink with one capsule each wormwood and cloves. Take this dose of herbs 3 times per day.

Week 2: Stay at 30 drops of the black walnut hull to one cup of organic apple juice. Increase the wormwood and cloves to 2 capsules each. Take this dose of herbs 3 times per day.

Week 3: Stay at 30 drops of the black walnut hull to one cup of organic apple juice. Increase the wormwood and cloves to 3 capsules each. Take this dose of herbs 3 times per day.

Most parasites will die within a week, but continue for at least three weeks and for up to three months. If you continue longer than three weeks, simply maintain the Week 3 dosage for the remainder of the cleanse. Credit to:

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